Atlas – EP

“Arkhaven released their debut EP ‘Æther’ at the end of 2014, and it was a brilliant introduction to a band for whom the sky is clearly the limit. So when the band sent me their new EP for review, expectations were high. ‘Æther’ was a brilliant release but ‘Atlas’ blows it out of the water, and from the opening moments of ‘Circa’, you can tell Arkhaven have come on leaps and bounds in the last year or so.

A wonderful hard rock anthem that has “made for an arena” written all over it, the musicianship on show is phenomenal for a band so young. ‘Shockwire’ and ‘Rest Like the rest’ bring some tasty alt metal to the party, with great riffs, heavy bass work and fantastic drum layers. ‘Sage & Sound’ has a delicate progressive interlude that is perfectly placed midway through the track, ‘When the Wolves’ shows expert switches in pace and the sauntering ‘Master’s Façade’ ends the EP with a slow burner that features a great vocal performance from Nick Grayson.

‘Atlas’ is a such a positive progression from ‘Æther’ and it is classy, at times mesmerising. It is what you come to expect from musical veterans, so the fact that this has been produced by a band releasing just their second EP makes this all the more special.”

-Matt Karpe, Power Play Magazine, UK

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