Æther – EP

“Maryland quintet ‘Arkhaven’ aren’t just another American hard rock band. Check out the playlist of any U.S. rock radio station and you will see countless bands who whilst making strong stomping rock generally sound like they have all come from the same mould. Arkhaven however, fuse hard rock, alternative metal, and progressive elements on ‘Æther’, a five-track EP which is both refreshing and highly enjoyable.

The title track starts things off in a pulsating fashion with some excellent drumming and hard riffs. Nick Grayson’s strong and dynamic vocals sort the soaring melodies and it paves the way for ‘No Darker Days’, a slightly softer yet perfect song for a rock radio. A strong chorus should catch the eyes (and ears) of new fans as should the balladic rock of ‘Before I Was Me’. ‘Bucky’, is another slice of raucous alt-metal, and ‘Storm Quakes the Thread’, shows some good progressive rock rhythms and makes for a loud and impressive finale.

Fans of Chevelle and Digital Summer should find these newbies worth a listen. And if you aren’t a fan of those, well check out Arkhaven anyway, because they are surely set for much bigger things.”

-Matt Karpe, Power Play Magazine, UK

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