Giving credit where it’s due

We’ve had a lot of fun putting this website together, and we’re pretty happy with how it has turned out. But with out help from a few of our friends the website would never have come together, so it’s time to give a couple shout outs. Obviously there are a large number of people who help us out with media, booking, promotion, etc. But we wanted to take a moment to specifically credit those that have contributed to the website. Please check out and support the people that help us along.

If you follow us at all on Facebook or have ever visited the famous Club 66 in Edgewood, MD you’ve probably seen photos taken by Earle Besserer of One Way Classic Photography and Promotions. You’ll find Earle at a number of our shows capturing some of our best live moments. Specifically, you can see an example of his work on our front page (the black and white image of Jake). Not only has he supported us artistically, but Earle and all the other great people at Club 66 have always been a great resource of support and advice for us.

Sarah Diehl of Sarah Diehl Photography has been a huge help with media for the band over the past several months. Nearly all photos you see of the band or individual members on the site were taken by Sarah. In addition to that, she has also done graphic design work for some of our social media and contributed to artwork for our upcoming release, Atlas – EP. Sarah has also contributed to the website itself, lending a hand with design and CSS/HTML work.

Paul Gambichler of 11:11 Photography and Graphic Art has taken some great photos of our live performances (the live shot of the whole band on the front page was taken by him at the Ottobar). You’ll find Paul taking photos at a number of Baltimore shows. We’re also excited to be performing at Frozen Harbor this February with his band Old Eastern!

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